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Re-Establishing Momentum


"I highly recommend the Masterclass Membership."

Amelia Quinn, Beloved Atlanta

“...If non profits can grasp the rhythm and understand the underlying principles then what happens is you develop momentum out of it. When we started with you on January, our budget was maybe $100,000 and that was a stretch. One of the first things our coach said to us was “that’s way too low, we’ve gotta grow that.” It was a big step for us to think that we aren’t asking enough. But out of that we’ve seen tons of donors respond to the vision of it. It’s been a really good process for us at this end and we are recommending others to go through it as well.”

Lucas Rouggly, Love the Lou

"All that I learned through The Van Lunen Center, the Masterclasses, and going through a major capital campaign prepared me for the biggest pitch...we swung for the fences and connected. 70% of our pledges have completed and the rest are due this year. So we will need to dig deep on meeting with those people and keeping them as engaged givers."

Dallas Lusk, St Mark Houston

“You are always over delivering and I am so thankful for your coaching and professional insights.”

Stephanie Wollenburg, LUHI

"I believe the most impactful thing that I have learned from you is: Focus. Maintain sharp focus on the primary goal, with an edited, organized, methodical, and scheduled outline of specific tasks that support the primary goal. In general terms, this practice will benefit anyone, in anything, that they attempt to do. Specifically for me, I appreciate you stressing the importance of focus, so that I can be more effective, and empower others to be more effective as well."

Laurie Simmons, The Stony Brook School

“We are still using our [Development] Plan and haven’t changed a word since you and I crafted it and we saw $830,000 come in last year (our budget closed 3 years ago at $391,000)!  I remain blown away at what God has done!”

Christina Middleton, Friends of Caring Solutions