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    We help you unlock hidden capacity to grow your ministry, build a culture of generosity to fully fund God’s vision for your ministry, and get momentum and your board, staff, and volunteers moving forward together.

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    A proven expert will coach you each week while helping you cut through the complexity that can slow you down. We also provide tons of examples, templates, and action items.

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    We’ll teach you how to avoid the roadblocks, and you’ll gain new ground month after month and witness the new growth, support, and organizational health that seemed just out of reach.

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    Taking the next step toward God’s vision for your ministry can feel like a huge leap of faith, but it’s just your next step with a trusted advisor. With this in mind, we provide a unique money-back guarantee for the first year of service.

This isn’t the typical consulting approach. But you aren’t looking for typical results.

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  • Zach Clark
    We work with the leaders of faith-based organizations that usually describe themselves in one of two ways. The first is a leader who is making a big difference, but seems limited in the financial resources needed to grow. Usually the leader explains that he or she feels they’ve hit a wall on moving forward, or a lid on raising money.

    The second leader is someone who has a very clear sense of future direction for the organization, but they see a huge gap between where they are now and where they need to be. The leader usually feels the next steps are so big that he or she knows they need someone walking with them to take the next steps.
    Zach Clark

About Our Founder

Building on more than twenty years of adventures with leaders, Zach Clark has a big vision to see people experience the reality that God is still doing extraordinary and impossible things! An unusual childhood, including a high school education in a one-room schoolhouse, formed in Zach the lifestyle and character of a true “Renaissance man.” He embodies a complicated blend of musical training, obsessive learning habits, outdoor sportsmanship, storytelling, fitness,
organizational leadership, and entrepreneurship—all with a trademark East Tennessee accent. Zach has been called upon to serve as a key influencer in the leadership journey of many hundreds of leaders who are doing the day-to-day work of advancing God’s kingdom across the Americas and beyond. Beginning at just twenty years of age, Zach’s expertise and skills were honed in a family business while working as a consultant to Christian schools, churches, and non-profit organizations around the country. With the unusual privilege of starting so young, he holds the unique position of having stepped inside and personally worked with more Christian organizations than any recognized expert in this generation. From 2006-2013, Zach served as Director of Advancement at Westminster Christian Academy St. Louis, one of our nation’s largest independent Christian schools. It was there he built and supported a highly effective team and was responsible for providing leadership to the overall advancement efforts of the school, including giving, communications, community and alumni relations, and a $70 million campus relocation plan.


In 2013, Zach created and launched Development & Leadership Coaching, a non-traditional ministry business approach helping leaders grow and build a culture of significant giving—step by step. Beginning with just one client, this movement of coaches has already served over 200 organizations across North and Central America, most with annual operating budgets of less than $1 million. Leaders served through coaching services provided by the company have raised over $200 million dollars (and still counting) in additional giving from 2013-2020, with an average success of more than $200,000 in additional giving in their first year of coaching. Zach has a dynamic and energetic teaching style that makes him a much sought-after public speaker. He was among the early members of the John Maxwell Team, the world’s leading leadership development organization, and is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. Zach often says that the most significant work of God in his life is his marriage to Paula, who knows and loves him in spite of any achievement or failure. They call St. Louis their home. They have two sons: one is twenty-six years of age and the youngest is nineteen. He is also surrounded by a team that cares about each other while doing great work to serve others.

  • Zach Clark
    Your to-do list is long, the demands on your time overwhelming, and the pressures just keep coming. Every day you push forward, but deep down you wonder if you’ll get the needed results. Sometimes you can feel drowned by the reality of what it takes to make progress. You don’t need more ideas. You need to know how to go from where you are to where you need to be. I encourage you to learn more about our approach to development and leadership coaching.
    Zach Clark

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